September ’21 Newsletter: From Our Public Relations and Marketing Team

Internal communication has always been about bringing employees together, which is why its importance has never been more critical to business success. 

For years now, the importance of strong internal communication has been increasing heralded as essential to business success. And then came 2020, with a global pandemic scattering workforces and isolating employees. Companies saw firsthand how new communication tools and strategies could enable them to reach their people with vital information under extraordinary conditions.

If your 2021 internal communication strategy looks like every other year, it will fail. Here’s what we’ve done as a team that could help:

  • We’ve made our employee experience a strategic priority (and, internal communications has a massive influence on employee experience.) That’s why recent years have seen a huge rise in the number of employee experience professionals, who broaden the scope of HR to encompass all of the touchpoints that workers have with their organization throughout the employee journey.
  • We’ve tied our recruitment strategies and onboarding processes to professional learning and development initiatives, which in turn can form part of a meaningful recognition and rewards culture.
  • Internal communications come from a wide-range of professionals at all levels, from managers to our Creative Director, enabling all employees to be part of the discussion.

Give it a try!